Expert Solar Installers in South Wales and the South West

Watt & Sun are experienced solar installers operating in South Wales and the South West. We install domestic solar energy panels with the minimum of fuss, helping you lower your energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and allow you to make an income from selling the excess energy back to The National Grid.

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Founder- Peter Morse

“I believe the route to our continued success as a solar installer in South Wales and the South West is ensuring our ever growing family of discerning customers are totally satisfied with our products and services.

To achieve this, my family and I maintain our policy commitment of continuous improvement in training and product research and development, ensuring we deliver an exemplary installation of top quality products on time – every time.”

  • Mission Statement

    We believe in- Tradesmens knowledge, family run business & smiling customers.

  • Our Visions

    To be considered the best Domestice Solar Panel Installation Company in the market place.
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Technical Director- Mike Morse

Mike is Peter’s son and heads up the technical team. He personally oversees every fitting we undertake and is an absolute sucker for detail. He is partial to a cup of tea and a biscuit, but if you need to know anything unreasonably technical about intelligent Inverters and Photovoltaics, Mike is the man in the know.

General Manager- Nicola John

Nicola has been part of the Service Total Group family for several years, and heads the Administration, Finance and Consumer Services teams for Watt&Sun. When it comes to any of your concerns her team take the lead and resolve the issue, so it’s good to know she’s one of the most efficient and diligent members of staff we’ve ever had.

Technical Operations Manager—Susan Michele House

Susan joined the Servicetotal Group in the position of Technical Operations Manager, Susans background is in the Electrical field and in particular Sustainable Construction Technologies. Her wealth of experience in the renewables sector in particular solar pv installations and her extensive qualifications in this field is a major asset to the company and reassuring to our ever discerning customer base.