2. Installation

Step 1 - pt1

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Installing market leading domestic solar panels in South Wales and the South West

A short guide to fitting domestic solar panels and why we think our service is the best in the market.


Day 1- Setup

Before we arrive we make sure that you are comfortable with every step of our installation process. The first day of our fit we send out a local scaffolding company to allow us to gain access to your roof.


Day 2- Internal Fitting

The Watt & Sun fitting team arrive in the morning; the team is made up of two roofing technicians and an electrician. The internal fitting takes place first with the installation of the Inverter, usually in your attic. This stage prepares your property to channel electricity from your solar roof panel and into the grid.


Day 3- External Fitting

The final stage of our fitting involves installing your photovoltaic panels, by the roofers in the team. Our fitters are proud of their fit and finish, installing the domestic solar panels perfectly, every time. Before we leave, the panels are finally checked and we ensure the whole system is in working order and fully commissioned.

*Watt & Sun are reputable and respected suppliers and installers of solar roof panels in South Wales and throughout the South West. For further information regarding our domestic solar panels, please call us on 01792 879 697 or email hello@wattandsun.co.uk and one of our friendly team will be delighted to deal with your request.