September 13th, 2011

New Figures Reveal Key UK Solar Cities

UK solar panel installers have experienced an incredible boom in the solar industry since the government launched its popular new feed-in tariff scheme last year. Figures released this week have revealed the result of the feed-in tariff scheme and show which areas are making the best use of their solar panel installers and the solar boom!

Perhaps unexpectedly Sheffield ranked highest when it came to amount of renewable power available per capita. The city now produces more than 3.5 kilowatts per 1000 residents, but solar panel installers are unlikely to be upping sticks and moving to Sheffield as the study pointed to phenomenal growth in solar power across the UK.

In terms of personal increase, London has seen more solar growth than any other city. Solar panel installers in the Big Smoke increased the capital’s renewable power facilities by an impressive amount in the last year yet it was still only enough to bring the big city in at 6th place when it came to amount of renewable energy per resident.

The list of cities with the most renewable energy per head makes interesting reading, for those with Green aspirations and interests as well as for solar power installers. The top ten cities are as follows:

1. Sheffield
2. Leeds
3. Bristol
4. Bradford
5. Birmingham
6. London
7. Liverpool
8. Edinburgh
9. Manchester
10. Glasgow

Perhaps of interest to solar panel installers is the fact that there are many relatively economically deprived areas which appear on this list, with a few obvious exceptions like London, Bristol and Edinburgh. Cities like Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow however are among the most deprived places in the UK, yet their use of solar panel installers is amongst the highest.

Solar panel installers have speculated that this may have something to do with the eventual financial incentives available under the government’s new schemes, while others have suggested that the proportionately high number of large industrial buildings in these cities has made the perfect base for solar panel installers to work with.

Either way, the new statistics are good for solar panel installers, good for the eco-friendly and good for the environment, not to mention our pockets! If you are interested in speaking to solar panel installers and learning more about solar power, Watt and Sun are established experts in their field. For more information about solar panels and solar panel installers visit our website, give us a bell on 02920 020 158 or send us an email at now!