September 1st, 2011

Solar Heating Panels in South Wales: Rogue Traders Flourish

The solar boom has not been out-and-out good news for installers of solar heating panels in South Wales. Thanks to the incredible industry boom, rogue solar heating installers have flourished and could literally leave you cold after supplying their dodgy solar heating panels in South Wales. So far the majority of rogue installers have been reported in North Wales but when installing solar heating panels in South Wales you should certainly be cautious too.

There are a number of ways in which you can avoid getting burnt by dodgy installers of solar heating panels in South Wales. For instance, because it is such a specialist area, you should only use installers who really know their onions. There are loads of solar panel installers and experts, so tracking down somebody who knows the industry inside and out should not be a problem.

Make sure that, once you have found a team who will install your solar heating panels in South Wales, they are recommended and respected in the industry. The solar industry is pretty inter-connected and if your installer doesn’t really have a name for his or herself, they may not be the real deal.

Another way to detect a dodgy solar panel installer is to check that your panels are being correctly positioned, this is highly important for the long-term effectiveness and financial benefits of solar heating panels. In South Wales a solar power system must be installed on a South-facing roof. Even South-East and South-West facing roofs can reduce your solar panels’ effectiveness, while a North-facing solar panel would almost be worse than useless!

Many of these rouge traders are reported to be making exaggerated claims about the financial benefits of solar heating in a bid to convince unknowing homeowners to pay for their unprofessional and ineffective services.

Just to recap, to avoid rogue installers of solar heating panels, ensure you only use installers you trust, who are known and recommended and who clearly know their stuff.

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