October 12th, 2011

Solar Panel Installers Excited about New London Solar Bridge

2011 is turning out to be an extremely exciting year for solar panel installers. When our solar panel installers heard about the new plans for London’s brand new Blackfriars solar bridge they were hugely enthusiastic. Watt & Sun’s solar panel installers might be based in Wales and the South West of England but brilliant solar news is music to our ears, no matter where it is happening! If you haven’t heard about the new London solar bridge yet, just take a look at this!

The Blackfriars Solar Bridge: What’s Happening?

As of last week, work began in earnest on the biggest solar bridge in the world, right in the heart of our capital city. Here are a few stats and facts that got our solar panel installers really excited about the project:

4,400+ solar panels will cover the roof of the bridge across the Thames which forms the station platform.
• The project will have solar panel installers setting up 6,000m2 of panels in the heart of London
• These panels will produce approximately 900,000kWh of energy per year
• That’s enough to generate half the station’s energy
• This will make the Blackfriars solar bridge the biggest solar array in the capital
• Excitingly, if the project is a success, it may just be the first of many possible ‘solar stations’ in the UK

A Solar Panel Installers’ Perspective

Our solar panel installers have been impressed by the thinking behind the new solar bridge as it is both extremely practical and highly visionary all at once. Practically speaking, buildings used for public railway transportation are perfect places for solar panel installers to set up solar systems. They have extremely predictable, not to mention sizable, energy needs, and the nature of these buildings means that they will be in use and in place for the foreseeable future.

In terms of vision, the project is pretty inspirational. Solar panel installers in London will be making use of one of the most iconic and visible roofs in the city, right before the international attention of the London 2012 Olympics, therefore boosting publicity for solar power in the country. As Blackfriars station is a public building used by thousands of people every day, it is sure to boost interest in solar panels and solar panel installers across the country.

What Can You Do?
If you have been inspired by the solar panel installers who are creating the world’s biggest solar bridge in London, and you are keen to find out more about solar panel installers, Watt & Sun are experienced solar panel installers who can give you all the information you need about installing solar panels at your home! Ride the solar boom and get in touch with Watt & Sun’s experienced, friendly team today on 02920 020 158.