August 27th, 2011

Solar Power Boom Boosts Work for Solar Panel Installers

Regardless of recent weather conditions, the sun has been shining on solar panel installers across the UK. Since April 2010, UK residents have been making the most of the new government feed-in tariffs which reward homes and businesses for investing in solar power. This has been great news for solar panel installers across the country, and for the country itself!

The introduction of the feed-in tariffs has led to a very busy year indeed for solar panel installers. Recent figures show that the UK’s solar power capacity has increased an incredible 18 times during the last year!  According to the figures, solar panel installers implemented a whopping 14,500 new solar panel systems in the last quarter alone!

Under the scheme, homeowners and business owners who hire solar panel installers to set up photovoltaic systems on their buildings could receive up to £1,000 per annum from the government. The system first pays you a generation tariff for the initial generation of electricity, and then also pays you for sending your unused electricity back to the national grid; this is called an export tariff. How much you make from the scheme depends on the technology your solar panel installers put in place, and exactly how much electricity it can generate.

Last quarter’s ‘solar rush’ was in part caused by the news that the government are revising the feed-in tariff system. Solar panel installers have found that many of their larger clients are in a real hurry to, quite literally, ‘get it while it’s hot’. From the 1st August this year any new premises which generate larger quantities of electricity will be subject to a much lower rate of payment for their energy. This change will affect facilities at which solar panel installers have installed systems with more than a 50kW capacity.

The solar panel installers working on the new BBC Wales studio’s solar panels this month were certainly in a rush to get the complex’s photovoltaic system up and running before the August deadline. Many other large businesses were busy following suit, resulting in a hectic few weeks for solar panel installers country-wide!

The concern among solar panel installers now must be that the solar power boom, stimulated by the feed-in tariffs, will now begin to fade. Happily, this is unlikely to happen. Tariffs for smaller facilities, for example houses, shops and schools remain unchanged, so solar panel installers may find themselves with a greater quantity of smaller projects. Added to this, the dizzyingly high cost of fuel as well as increasing concern about our environment ensures renewable energy has never been more popular.

Watt and Sun are expert solar panel installers and are used to riding the peaks-and-troughs of the solar power industry.

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