September 8th, 2011

South West City Bristol Misses out on Green Capital Award

Perhaps one reason that Bristol lost out on the European Green Capital Title was that its focus was not strongly enough on renewable energies like solar panels South West. South West UK areas have been doing well when it comes to solar power, yet the Bristol application to the competition focused on the city’s use of public green spaces instead of on its solar panels. South West Green campaigners are sure to use this failure as a way to convince the authorities in the area to make a Green investment in solar power.

Bristol is to be applauded, however, for its concern with all things green. It was up against some very stiff Green competition including Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Stockholm and, the ultimate winner, Hamburg, who will be hosting the European photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition this week. Bristol may have lost out because of its lack of focus on renewable energy solutions like solar panels.

South West areas do have megatonnes of solar panel potential though. The new ‘Enterprise zones’, which the government has implemented to encourage UK economic growth, could make excellent new locations for solar panels. South West arable land is also a key potential site for solar panels. Many farmers in the South West and across the country are making investments in solar power and find that it is an almost completely win-win move, some farmers with barn-roof solar panels have reported a 10% return on their investment after just seven years. The recent government regulations and initiatives to boost the use of solar panels in the South West, and in the UK in general, have made solar power cheap and, in many cases, actually profitable.

Of all the cities that Bristol was up against, Freiberg was their biggest competitor when it came to renewable energy and solar panels. South West areas in the UK might be experiencing a solar boom but the South German city of Freiburg has long been ahead of the solar curve. In 2010 1.2% of the cities total power came from solar energy. Perhaps Bristol could now take the lead from Freiburg who make excellent use of roof space on public buildings to install solar panels.

South West cities like Bristol might not quite be up to the demanding standards of the European Green Capital award but they are certainly getting close. Solar panels in the South West are popping up everywhere and their use is increasing exponentially. Maybe in a few years Bristol will be crowned European Green Capital after all.

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