November 1st, 2011

Don’t Miss the Solar PV Panels Boat! There are Big Changes Afoot…

2011 has been a truly fantastic year for solar PV panels. The government’s feed-in tariff scheme prompted thousands of people to invest in solar PV panels. There were many incentives for this huge uptake in solar PV panels; not only did the government’s scheme make using solar PV panels affordable, but in some cases it even made them profitable, seriously reducing a household’s energy bills. In addition to the many financial benefits, solar PV panels do wonders for reducing a household’s carbon footprints, adding to long-term renewable energy reserves.

These brilliant financial incentives still exist, but sadly they are not going to last for long. If you have been umming and ahhing about installing solar PV panels on your roof, the time to act is now, as the feed-in tariff scheme is going to take a serious hit next April.
Under the scheme, solar PV panels have become so popular that the uptake has far exceeded expectations. An amazing 3 times as many solar PV panels have been installed than was originally estimated! This is brilliant news for the solar industry, homeowners and for the planet, but the surge in solar PV panels has been a concern for the powers that be.

This week the government decided it would cut subsidies for solar PV panels by half. The reason is the phenomenal uptake has seriously threatened the budget of the feed-in tariff scheme which could result in what climate change minister, Greg Barker, referred to as a ‘boom and bust’ in the solar industry.

If you want to make the most of the government subsidies for solar PV panels, the time to act is now, leave it as late as April 2012 and it will be too late for you to really benefit from the scheme. In this time of perpetually rising energy bills, solar PV panels are one of the few safe havens in terms of energy costs; however, this will not last for long.

The proposed changes have sparked real concerns for solar PV panels companies who fear the changes will reduce the amount of people able to afford solar PV panels. This could cause hundreds of solar PV panels installers to lose their jobs. The problem is the cut is a serious U-turn and flings the solar industry from one extreme to another; from a period of extreme growth, to one of reduction. The fear is that the initial boom has lured hundreds of people into the solar PV panels industry and the cut will now render them jobless.

If you are interested in having solar PV panels installed while you can still enjoy the financial perks of the feed-in tariff scheme, get in touch with us today! Come 2012 solar PV panels are set to save homeowners a lot less money, so take advantage of the boom while it lasts.

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