September 20th, 2011

Solar PV Installers Build Biggest Welsh Solar Farm

Here at Watt & Sun, our expert solar PV installers like to keep abreast of all that is going on in solar power in their area. We are trusted solar PV installers in South Wales and the South West so this week’s news that the biggest solar farm in Wales has now reached completion put a real smile on our faces.

There has been a huge amount of work around for solar PV installers lately, ever since the government introduced its Green-friendly feed-in tariffs last year, and a large number of farmers and land owners have been harvesting the profits and Green credentials that a large solar farm can now bring.

The solar PV installers at the site in Usk, Monmouth, South Wales certainly had a big job on their hands. The solar PV installers involved have built a solar farm which will power 2,500 houses, 24/7, come rain or shine! The most exciting figure for solar PV installers is that the new solar farm will save 60,792 tonnes of Co2 emissions in just 25 years, that’s 2,431 tonnes of Co2 every year, which is fantastic news.

The panels which the Monmouth solar PV installers used are specially designed to convert power from daylight, not sunlight. This means that, should the Welsh weather be anything less than glorious, the solar farm will still produce just as much energy.

The solar PV installers who completed this South Wales project should rightly be proud of themselves as the farm was completed in a phenomenal fourteen days. The usual period for the construction of a project of this size is six to eight months but, instead, the farm had 100 solar PV installers working day and night to get the whole thing built in just two weeks.

There has always been controversy surrounding the appearance of solar farms, they are not the most beautiful sights after all, but the solar PV installers who created the solar farm in Monmouth went to great lengths so as not to mar the gorgeous South Welsh countryside. The ranks of panels are no more than 2.5 metres tall and the entire field which contains the solar farm is screened from the road by high, specially grown hedgerows.

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