The Croft System

All solar installation companies are not the same. All solar panels are not the same. Watt & Sun is an exceptionally good company which installs equipment of the highest quality. The standard of customer service is superb; nothing is too much trouble. The company is family-based and is big enough to give peace of mind, yet small enough to give a truly personal service.

My system has produced so much more electricity than "expected", that when I sent my first three months' generation meter reading to British Gas (my electricity supplier) they didn't want to believe it and asked me to send a digital photograph of the meter!

Watt & Sun installs German Schuco solar panels, which are more efficient than other brands. They do not use shoddy Chinese components, which many other installers use. Every detail of the installation is very professional, right down to the use of stainless steel brackets and bolts to avoid any chance of corrosion problems after 20 or 30 years exposed to the elements. The company is focused on excellence and quality. In view of the very high quality, the price is very reasonable. There are companies who will install a cheaper photovoltaic solar system, but you won't find a better one than Watt & Sun.

*based on 2010 tariff figures

The Croft System


"The customer service was exemplary..."

  • Initial Investment


  • Projected Annual Return

    *£1,384 (estimated)

  • Annual Energy Gen

    2503kw (estimated)

  • Projected 25 Year Return

    *£65,000 (estimated)

Investment Breakdown

The equipment used by Watt & Sun means that under the Feed-in Tariff, you can expect to be paid 21 pence for every unit of enery that your solar panels generate.

Some of the electricity generated by the solar panels will be used in your home and the rest will be exported to the grid for an additional 3p a unit.

If you assume you will consume 50% of the energy which is generated and export the rest, you can expect to generate a sizeable income.