The Hale System

Deciding to invest in solar panels was the difficult bit; entrusting Watt&Sun to install came easy. We had one other quote. The representative from the other company who visited us was knowledgeable, and friendly. We had absolutely no reason not to trust him and the firm he represented, but, the quote was much higher and was for fewer panels than we have now installed.

We were talked through the implications of having panels on the roof, no pressure was applied and we had Simon's phone number, and he was very responsive to any queries. The installation was quick and efficient. A well rehearsed group of workers. A few more pots of tea than is normal for our household, and job done.

One word of warning, I find it difficult to resist additional and pointless visits to the garage just to see how our generated kilowatt hours are totting up.

The Croft System


"The customer service was exemplary..."

  • Initial Investment


  • Projected Annual Return

    *£1,384 (estimated)

  • Annual Energy Gen

    2503kw (estimated)

  • Projected 25 Year Return

    *£65,000 (estimated)

Investment Breakdown

The equipment used by Watt & Sun means that under the Feed-in Tariff, you can expect to be paid 21 pence for every unit of enery that your solar panels generate.

Some of the electricity generated by the solar panels will be used in your home and the rest will be exported to the grid for an additional 3p a unit.

If you assume you will consume 50% of the energy which is generated and export the rest, you can expect to generate a sizeable income.

*based on 2010 tariff figures