The Wooldrige System

I would like to thank you and the staff at Watt & Sun for the speedy and efficient installation of my photovoltaic panels.

The customer service was exemplary and the minor problem I experienced with my inverter was rectified quickly and with no fuss. The panels are now generating electricity and turning my suppliers dial backwards most of the day so I'm looking forward to reduced electricity bills as well as the feed in tariff.

Despite the initial capital outlay I would recommend the installation to anyone with spare cash earning a miniscule interest rate in the bank. The financial return and the environmental benefits are well worth the cost and the one and a half days it took to install were no hardship at all.

*based on 2010 tariff figures

The Croft System


"The customer service was exemplary..."

  • Initial Investment


  • Projected Annual Return

    *£1,384 (estimated)

  • Annual Energy Gen

    2503kw (estimated)

  • Projected 25 Year Return

    *£65,000 (estimated)

Investment Breakdown

The equipment used by Watt & Sun means that under the Feed-in Tariff, you can expect to be paid 21 pence for every unit of enery that your solar panels generate.

Some of the electricity generated by the solar panels will be used in your home and the rest will be exported to the grid for an additional 3p a unit.

If you assume you will consume 50% of the energy which is generated and export the rest, you can expect to generate a sizeable income.