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Solar heating for pools throughout South Wales and the South West

Non-domestic applications for solar systems include:

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Swimming pools- Water or electricity

A swimming pool can be a massive drain on finances as heating water is costly; but by employing the use of Solar Photovoltaic cells you can slash the cost of heating the water for your pool and earn cash back in the process. If you’re interested in getting a bespoke quote for solar heating for your swimming pool in South Wales, then please contact us and make a well educated investment in renewable technology.



Our parent company the Service Total Group has exceptional experience in the public sector and we’ve spent over 15 years servicing contracts for the council. Our aim is always to deliver around your needs, not ours; this makes us the perfect partner for your solar project.

If you’d like a more efficient school then Solar Panels are one of the best investments you could make and send out a positive and engaging message to the community. They even make a great topic for a science class too! If you’re interested in installing panels contact our team who can guide you through the process.

Housing Developments

New housing developments are subject to a different set of tariffs than existing builds, but they are still a great opportunity to add value to homes and sell to an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Our specialism in servicing the public sector ensures we are more than prepared to install and maintain solar panels for any number of your housing developments. Our accreditation is second to none and we have a long and sound financial footing, making us the ideal partner for your development should you need us. Contact our office team if you’d like to arrange a meeting.

Farms and dairies

Holdings, whether large or small, offer the ideal situation for positioning solar panels. With large roofs usually un-obscured by surrounding buildings you can maximise the amount of sunlight reaching each panel. This means greater gains and return on investment.

In our 15 years working for the council we have encountered hundreds if not thousands of different roofing installations and no matter what the situation on your farm, we offer one of the highest and most trusted levels of service available. If you’re interested in reducing your outgoings and environmental impact then contact one of our team.

Small businesses (guest houses, surgeries etc)

Every small business relies on the ingenuity and evolution of its owner to prosper. Long term investments are often hard to prioritise but solar panels offer a great opportunity for stable financial reward as well as cost saving and incremental payback, consolidating cash flow.

Installation of solar panels is a tangible and valuable asset and with income from the panels tax-free for the next 25 years, it makes even more sense to take that step.

At Watt & Sun we have exceptionally good links with small businesses in our area and from our dealings with them we understand that fitting panels with the minimum of fuss and disruption is what’s most important. If you’re interested in installing solar panels for your business, contact one of our office team.

*If you are in South Wales or the South West and would like to discuss solar heating for swimming pools or other non-domestic applications then please call us on 01792 879 697 or email hello@wattandsun.co.uk.